Upcoming Workshop in Helsinki (25-26.05.2019): Musical Choreography for Aerial Hoop and Trapeze

Photo by Laura Funke

Photo by Laura Funke

This workshop will explore trapeze and aerial hoop choreography with a focus on music. As a musician in addition to an aerialist, Eliana has an innate awareness of how to use music to define movement. We will learn to analyze different components of music and will work with one or more pieces of music that have complex time signatures. We will then learn a small piece of choreography that uses music as its main source of movement. Finally, students will have the opportunity to experiment with their own choreography or ambient performance by using music as inspiration for their movement.

*Please note: A previous knowledge of at least 10–15 moves on hoop or trapeze is strongly encouraged. A previously developed ability to analyze music is not required – this we will learn in the workshop.


16.30-19.00 both days

Hosted by Circus Helsinki

Sörnäisten rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki, Suomi (Finland)

Language: English
Price: 70 €


Please join me there!